Class Descriptions Winter Membership 2017-2018



Experience a total body workout with this HIIT style of class. This class uses compound body exercises, cardio and bodyweight to engage your body head to toe.  Focus and intensify your workout to take it to the next level. 



Do for your mind what you do for your body: tone it up! Learn the traditional Tibetan Buddhist technique called shinay or calm-abiding meditation that pacifies negative mental states and strengthens the mind so that you can experience calm throughout your day.



Jump on a bike and move to heart-pounding, energizing and motivating playlist designed by your instructor.  Accept the challenge of some instructors to become the “leader” on the board, or work with others to listen to your body and move to the music to conquer that hill, or dominate your sprint!  Either way, work as a class to burn calories, work together and accomplish your workout.


Carnival Fit Movement: 

Carnival Fit is an innovative movement class. It provides our members with a taste of the liberating Caribbean celebration of carnival. Through a bold mix of Caribbean anthems, hip hop beats, and reggae hits, participants will refine their coordination, rhythm, and dance skills while completing an energetic cardio workout.


Carnival Fit Abs/Glutes

A class that focuses on toning the Glutes and defining the abs while improving core strength and posture. 


Circuit Class:

Designed to get your heart rate up and your cardio session done, this HIIT style class is set up in stations.  Move your way around the classroom and through your workout pushing yourself to max heart rate before you even know it has begun.  This team environment style class is sure to have you walking out sweating, and feeling strong!


Strength and Tone:

A great way to achieve a strong, lean sculpted body.  Strengthen your whole body with a blend of upper and lower body movements incorporating dumb bells and bodyweight exercises. 



Spend the first 25 minutes of this class getting your heart rate up through boxing, plyometric and bodyweight push-ups, and the last 25 minutes focusing on isolating glutes, abs and your core through challenging these muscle groups to the point of fatigue.  We guarantee by the end of this 50 minutes, you will remember it the next day!


Open Yoga with Maggie:

A little bit of this. A little bit of that. Need rest? Come to mellow out. Need a workout? Come to strengthen your limbs and ignite your core. Need a stretch? Come to increase flexibility.  We'll try to cover it all with options to scale up or scale down as desired.  


Yoga with Sheri:

The classes I lead are based in Alignment. With the use of the wall as well as other props we examine different ways of exploring the postures.  This can lead to self reflection and prepare one for the practice of pranayama, self study, concentration and meditation.  This practice is great for all levels.  We begin with centering and warms ups then move into the postures and end with pranayama and meditation.


Yin Yang Yin Yoga with Megan:

A threading together of yin and yang poses resulting in a slower paced practice with longer holds.