The Nantucket Ideal

A Tradition of Untraditional Excellence

Immersed in the enchanting landscape of Nantucket, The Westmoor Club intertwines a rich regional history with world-class experiences that are a testament to the authenticity of island life.

Living History

Nantucket is home

Nantucket Island is a small spot on the map that commands attention far beyond its humble size. The island's magnetism stems from its natural tranquility, embraced by the arms of the Atlantic, and a warm, captivating community sharing a profound sense of camaraderie.


It was here Alice Vanderbilt, great-granddaughter of Cornelius “Commodore” Vanderbilt, built her Colonial Revival summer mansion in 1917 — the same structure that now serves as our clubhouse.


After a time as The Westmoor Inn, the property was purchased and restored with care and craftsmanship by architect J. Graham Goldsmith and Alan Worden to create The Westmoor Club, opening for membership in 2005.

Our Clubhouse

All gatherings often point back to Westmoor’s crown jewel — a Clubhouse of classic Colonial Revival architecture where Vanderbilts once entertained, and the inspiration for our signature hospitality. Built in 1917 as a wedding gift for Alice Vanderbilt, Westmoor’s “home”  represents comfort, elegance, and a unique sense of belonging emblematic of the Club experience. Our private guest rooms — ideal for family visits — convey Nantucket charm accompanied by full Club access.

Hallmark & Home

15 Acres

Serene. Secure. Sanctuary.

The Westmoor Club stands as a 15-acre private retreat enveloped within Nantucket's heart, a jewel atop a hill tucked away yet conveniently near Main Street and Nantucket Sound. Embracing the spirit of a Field Club, Westmoor encompasses the island’s distinctive charm within its wide-open spaces, a place where relaxation mingles seamlessly with recreation.

An Incomparable Haven

Inclusive Exclusivity

The Westmoor Club's exclusivity is undeniable. Yet our understanding of 'exclusive' is multifaceted — we offer a single category of membership, yet extend privileges to the entire family, by design. Membership also represents much more than access to top-tier amenities; we are a community with a sense of belonging shaped by a sophisticated collective of individuals who delight in forming new friendships, rekindling old bonds, and taking part in enriching experiences.