Wellness at Westmoor


Our 18,000 sq-ft Wellness Center, undeniably Nantucket’s finest workout facility, boasts state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a designated stretch and recovery space, two squash courts, a beautiful yoga studio with a water feature, two Pilates studios, and daily fitness classes. This is a place of innovation, with services that raise the bar as a foundation of health, activity, recovery, rehabilitation, and longevity.

The Spa at The Westmoor Club is an exclusive benefit for Members, created to enhance well-being and provide ultimate relaxation.


When we invest in our well-being now, we model and inspire healthy, happy living for generations to come. Our premier wellness amenities and experiences are designed to add to the lives of every Member, at any age, to enhance their health, longevity, vitality, and connection.

Wellness at Westmoor is on a mission to add 100 collective years to Members' lives by 2030. Explore how we are raising the bar — while turning back the clock.


Research shows that it’s not always about a set number of steps per day or heartbeats per minute but how well and consistently you incorporate movement into your life’s rhythms. Exercise comes in many forms — with just as many benefits — whether you break a sweat or not, which is why Westmoor offers a wide variety of amenities and experiences.



Westmoor’s Executive Chef, Bruce Sacino, believes in the power of whole, real, deliciously nutritious food. From the bold flavors of our poolside snack bar to our renowned locally sourced dining experiences in the Clubhouse, meals at Westmoor are designed to inspire and energize your day as much as your taste buds.

Chef Sacino’s sustainable philosophy extends from his local and seasonal ingredient sourcing to the direct impact great food has on your health.

Fuel your life

sleep & Recovery

Emotional, physical, and mental stress leads to chronic inflammation associated with every major age-related illness. Our members make winding down a top priority with access to premium equipment and experiences.

the 'rest' of your life

Lifelong Learning

In addition to our Wellness Speaker Series, which features nationally acclaimed industry leaders, our Wellness team has waded through the research to curate a powerful collection of evidence-based books and resources. We also have opportunities to deepen YOUR health awareness through body composition analysis with our new InBody 570 as well as epigenetic testing to reveal your current biological age.

A new understanding


Of all the humans who live to be 100 (or more), a vast majority belong to a devoted group, be it a family, a community, or a church. Finding ways to celebrate with, connect with, and learn from each other is one of the most rewarding parts of a life well-lived and a guaranteed way to model and build generational health.


“Every other season, my life is in fast-forward. I not only press pause here—I feel like I’m getting time back.”

John S.

“I feel like I am getting younger as a result of the community and amenities offered at The Westmoor Club!  And I love that feeling!”

Cynthia M.

“Westmoor’s enhanced wellness program offers new experiences and education. I am excited about joining an emerging club community committed both to improved lifespan and healthspan!”

Carol N.

“The thread to good mind health is always socialization - and for me, Westmoor and this interesting community of Members feeds my mind!”

Carole B.